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Alpharetta Business Acquisition Attorney Ted Hight



Business acquisitions can be a key growth strategy for many businesses. The decision to sell your established business or acquire another business as part of your growth strategy can be the most strait forward part of the transaction. However, getting the transaction across the finish line can be complicated and confusing without the right business lawyer to guide you through the process. We provide advice in a broad range of transactions for both buyers and sellers. We have the legal expertise and business acumen to demystify the process and get your deal done.


Every transaction is important to us regardless of the size. We have represented clients in deals with transaction sizes ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions. Both sophisticated parties and first time buyers or sellers rely on our sophisticated experience and pragmatic advice to close the deal on the best terms possible. Hight Law routinely counsels Business Sales & Acquisitions clients in the following areas:

  • Deal Negotiation

  • Letter of Intent

  • Asset Purchase Agreement

  • Due Diligence

  • Key Employee Retention Agreements

  • Compliance & Securities Issues

  • Financing & Corporate Structure Issues

  • Drafting Closing Documents

  • Facilitation of the Closing Process

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