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Atlanta Trademark Attorney Ted Hight




Trade Secrets

Hight Law's Intellectual Property practice focuses on the three core components in protecting our business client's rights: Registration, Licensing, and Infringement Prevention. We understand that your intellectual property is your lifeblood and business identity. We take an aggressive but cost effective approach to protecting our clients' intellectual property.


Hight Law routinely handles intellectual property matters in the following areas:

  • Appeal of Refusal by Examining Attorney

  • Copyright Registration

  • Cease & Desist

  • Enforcement & Litigation

  • Trademark Registration (flat fee services available)


Hight Law offers a full range of trademark services to entrepreneurs and established businesses both in the United States and internationally. Our services include:

  • Trademark Clearance Searches

  • Trademark Application Preparation

  • Office Action Responses

  • Trademark Change of Ownership

  • Trademark Renewal Filings

  • Trademark Opposition Proceedings

  • Trademark Cancellation Proceedings

  • Trademark Litigation

Flat Fee Trademark Registration


Plus Government Fees*

  • Preliminary USPTO Trademark Search **

  • Attorney Consultation Time

  • Drafting and Filing of Trademark Application

  • Responding to Non-Substantive Office Actions

  • Mailing of Certificate of Registration

Featured Service

*Flat Fee applies to a trademark search and filing in up to two classes of goods/services for a trademark that is currently in-use in the United States. Call us for a quote if your mark falls outside of this definition.

**Preliminary USPTO search is not a comprehensive search, common law search, or state search.  If you require these services, please contact us for a quote.

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