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Alpharetta Non-Compete Attorney Ted Hight



Employees represent the lifeblood and vitality of most businesses. However, the day and age of an employee for life has faded giving rise to the portability of employees. Hight Law has substantial experience negotiating, drafting and litigating a broad range of matters involving restrictive covenants in employmet agreements, independent contractor agreements, shareholder agreements, founder agreements, operating agreements, and the like. We represent and advise both companies and individuals.


For companies, we understand that it is important to protect your business assets. For individuals. For individuals, we understand that you have rights to protect including the right to continue earning a living. Hight Law routinely counsels clients in negotiation, drafting, and litigation of the following areas:

  • Confidentiality

  • Invention assignments

  • Non-competition

  • Non-disclosure

  • Non-solicitation

  • Trade secrets

  • Unfair competition

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